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How to Communicate your Displeasure with Neighbours using Wi-Fi

You want to maintain amicable relations with your neighbors but their loud music has become too annoying and distracting. What can a good way to communicate your displeasure and get them to turn down the volume?


Got noisy neighbors? Express your displeasure over WiFi.

@Westendproducer shares a clever idea on Twitter.

Your wireless network has a name (or SSID) that will show up on your neighbour’s computer and mobile phone. You can put the complaint message in your Wi-Fi name and your neighbours may see it when their device is scanning for available wireless names to connect to the Internet.

And unless you are the only house in that area with a router, your neighbours are less likely to figure out who is showing them that message. This is much like leaving a sticky note on your neighbour’s door anonymously.

Wireless names can also be used to share your contact information with neighbours.


Source: http://www.labnol.org/internet/neighbours-wifi/27545/


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